I wasn’t going to post about Valentines Day, but why hate?! So I am wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! Spread the love people.  Even though we should show our love everyday, its nice to have a commercialized day to REALLY show someone you care, esp if during the whole year ur too busy at work/school/etc etc.  or u just don’t know how to show ur appreciation.  Take this day as an easy way out of doing anything else all year and make it special for that someone in your life .. if you have a someone in ur life.

Anyways since I know I will not be getting anything today .. I decieded to buy something for my self, and I know I truely deserve it !!  Thanks flamingoliya for finding the Marc Jacobs back I wanted on shopbop :*  I just ordered it!! 🙂 Can’t wait for it to get here.

 And badoooooraaaah thank you soo much :*


Happy Birthday! ;p

Tooomz calls me this morning and says “Happy Birthday” YAAAAAAAAAY! thanks tooomz, except its not my birthday!!!! Your 7 months and 5 days early!!!! But i will always remember you were the first to wish me a happy birthday in 2008! :p

So I have been searching for a handbag, and I finally found one that I loved last week.  I didn’t buy it, and now is not available!!!!!!!  Just my luck ofcourse.  The bag is the MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Dr. Q Colorblock Huge Hillier’ Shopper



I will keep my hopes up that I will find it on another website….

Okay seriously now, I center aligned the picture, and now I cant change it back.  This is getting kind of annoying lol 😛



Dear Friends,

Look below …..  

Boob Costume


By far the BEST costume I have found so far, LOL!

From PrankPlace


Hellooooo All!!

I got this message from one of my friends, and I am passing it on.

 “Parenti 5 welcomes you to their fine winter collection for Fashion & Accessories in Adailiya, Block 3, Sultan Al Kulaib Street, Bait 32.  Dec 1-3, 10-1 and 5-10” (If you enter Adailiya from the 4th ring road then the house will be on your right, I think its 3 or 4 houses after you turn into Adailya, the house is white.)

I’ve been to their ma3rath before and found some really cute things. Hope you girls check it out!! 🙂

My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

 This is what I want for Christmas.


The Carrera 4S, in this color.

Among other things.

Picture Post!

Little Treat Cupcakes … Love them. LOOK AT THE SHEEEP HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!


 My beautiful phone!! (My THETA kite is peeking in the background!


The bracelets I got from Uniquely Delicious
facebook group: http://minnesota.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5016054486&ref=mf


Clutch i got from Truth&Dare 


Elephant Necklace i got from Truth&Dare
(elephants with their trunks upwards are goodluck!) 



The End