Ghbaaar & Question of the day.

I woke up this morning with a nose so congested, like the 405 (in LA) during rush hour, and since I have left the house it has not gotten any better.  In addition to a blocked nose, my head is starting to hurt, my eyes are itching and my throat hurts.  I don’t remember it being this bad when I was in Highschool, or was it? 

Anyways, 2 of my friends travelled today, and one left a couple of days ago.  Even though its gonna be for a short while, I miss them already :s I’m such a sap, but what can I say, I am a girl 😉

So I realized that I like asking weird questions and seeing what ppl reply back to me.  My question of the day is …

1. Do you think people are inherently GOOD or BAD?  Plz explain.



It was a good weekend il7imdila.

Went to the shalaih on Thursday evening and I was extremly tired, but I staye awake until about midnight when my eyes started to get really heavy, i told the girls that “i’m going to nap” for a little bit o0 i’ll be up in an hour :p (that always means i’m too tired (and scared) to go alone upstairs to sleep), but anyway Nwair woke me up a couple of hours later and told me that my nap is over, and we watch GREEK which isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 

Went to the boat show also, AKHHHH aby Yacht!!!! 3awaaar galb min ommaaah!!!

We had dinner at Mijana, the lebanese restaurant in Kout after walking around in the boat show.  HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! They used to be pretty good bas madry shfeeehum, il service malhum 9ar ARAF … we have to ask for everything at least twice and it took forever for someone to take our order.  Before we left we wanted to order food for the girls who didn’t come with us and the waiter was like we don’t do take away, we have to bring it to ur table then pack it up.  La min sijhum? Ya3ni madry shino bifeedna il ta2kheer hatha!! So Nwair explained the the manager that its the same exact thing whether they put it on the table or not, o0 akheeran rithaw to give us “saafari”.

I did something really stupid this weekend.  7adart min il shalaih, we9alt lafat baitna and i realized I left all my stuff (minus my everyday bag) in the shalaih!!!!!!! I seriously don’t know where my mind is these days!!!!

oh my god, we7na ga3deeen indawer parking we saw ashkal mo sijjiya, madry itha kanaw yista3bi6oon bas LOL!  These guys wearing qutra oo dishdasha with long hair, ya3ni not longish .. la’a long til the shoulder oo imalaas shakla YA2REF!!!  It looked more like a wig than real hair.

Then there were these guys on motorcycles with long hair (in a pony tail) o0 shakilhum imsaweena yuko.  I have a thing against guys with “long” hair, and guys who wear jewelry.  I personally find it to be weird :p


Anywaays, I found this group on facebook called CustoMIZE where they make these cool bracelets with your name on it (FB is blocked at work, search for it in the groups on FB to see).  Anyways I ordered the bracelet approx 3 weeks ago and I picked it up ams.  I AM SO IN LOVE.  We had dinner guests ams and they all want one now.  La 3ajeeb jaad 7ada 3ajibni.

I need a vacation, I need at least a long weekend, I can’t take for this month 😦

Today there is an AC Milan vs Inter game .. Yalla give me ur predictions :p (ana abee Ac Milan)

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week too!

Might be a Controversial Post

What would you do if your friend told you they were gay?  Would you stop talking to them? 

I read this article in Kuwait Time [Link] and that is what got me started on the gay issue, then my thoughts started to flow.

A couple of weeks ago we had a really extremly heated discussing about the gay “scene” in kuwait.  There were talks that they were going to close down Messila Beach because of the amount of lesbians that go there, and its their “gathering” place.  Some ppl thought that it was a good thing, that it was a first step in Kuwait .  In my opinion, I think its just foolish, the thing about Kuwait is that we don’t try to fix the problem from the root, we remove the top layer only and expect it to go away.  If we close down Messila, they will find another place to gather.  Are they going to close down schools, cuz I think thats where everything starts?  Are they going to close malls?  Restaurants? 

First of all, gays have been inexistance for a very very very very VERY long time, and I don’t think that closing down one or two places is going to fix it.  Ya3ni okay there might be some issues with the whole gay issue, that its 7arram, and its ruining society (there are a lot of bigger issues that are ruining society I don’t see them crying about that!!).  But there are some ppl that are

1. Born with it (extra testosterone or extra estrogen) or another health issue .. born with both organs instead of 1
2.  Have had an experience in their youth that scarred them for life
3. Have issues at home and are trying to find a venting place
4.  Like Greyshorts said .. they are “summer lesbians”  they do it out of boredom and/or sexual frustration

Yaboon “yimni3ooon” gayness.  We use that word A L O T in kuwait “Mamnoo3”, bas il mamnoo3 marghoob right?  They banned alcohol, does that mean it doesn’t exist?  No, it still exists in black markets, it might be harder to get then if it was legal, BUUUT its not regulated, which means that any one could buy alcohol.  Ya3ni if I was a 15 year old little kid I could call a dealer and buy alcohol.  He doesn’t care i’m 15, as long as he gets that cash in his hands to hell with what I do with the stuff he’s giving me.  Not only that,ppl started to make alcohol in their homes and sell them, now the person who buys it will have no idea what he is drinking, the percentage of alcohol in there, if it will make him sick. Okay I know he;s not supposed to be drinking it in the first place but well a lot of ppl in Kuwait drink.

I hate that word .. Mamnoo3 .. Banned .. Min3aw this and Min3aw that .. what the hell is that going to solve?  You’re just going to keep banning until you have nothing to ban and no problems solved!  I don’t want to solve a problem for 5 minutes and then have it erupt like a volcano.  We all want quick fixes but we all know that doesn’t happen.  Revolutions/changes might seem like they happen over night, but they don’t they take years and years of planning, and it should be long lasting.

This lead to a friend bring up another very valid point.  A couple of years ago, they tried to solve the “ti7irishing” issue by banning guys from entering malls and places and leaving them for families only.  Again they removed the frosting off the cake, and it just made it tasteless.

That didn’t solve anything.  Yes okay I might be able to shop in peace for an hour or two, but what are guys going to be banned forever?  No they weren’t, and truthfully as soon as a person would step out of the mall they would get harrassed.  So they found that rule to be worthless.

I know that I talked about a lot of different issues here, but they all deal with the same thing trying to solve the problems in Kuwait quickly.  They might seem like they have nothing to do with each other but they are all somehow interrelated.

To answer the question I asked at the top, I wouldn’t care if my friend told me their gay.  Thats their sexual orientation and their body.

p.s – after much thought and much debate, I am against legalizing alcohol in kuwait … for now .. we can’t regulate ANYTHING … ya3ni they can’t have rules tht will be followed which will make it easier for anyone to buy it.  Unless we have strict rules that are implemented (I am waiting for the day) then the legalization of alcohol will not be helpful Kuwait.


Politics & Dreams

Yesterday someone offered me up to 4000 KD for my vote.  Not really my VOTE cuz I wouldn’t be allowed to vote, but basically its “salim wistilim”, I would give them my Jinseya in return for 4000 KD, and they would hold my Jinseya until after the elections.

I must admit that when they first told me 4000 KD it was extremly appealing.  4000 KD would pay for most of my masters program ;p  Then I really thought about it, if I sell my vota for 4000 KD it would mean ga3da abee3 deerty ib 4000 KD!  We sit and rant about the probelms and issues at hand, if I sold my vote I will have NO RIGHT at all to complain about what is going on.  If I did that I would hate my self actually, it would go against everything that I preached to my friends (and actually believe in);p.  So I declined the 4000 KD (or UPTO 4000 KD).  Had I sold my vote, I think my mom would beat me with a stick, okay not beat me, but not talk to me for a while.

That was my moral lesson for the day 😉


On another note, I had a really weird crazy dream last night, at one part of it, I had drugs on me and I was running away from the police.  I think I listen to too much rap music!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Last week my mom gave me money and told me to transfer it into my american bank account so we can order some stuff online.  I then put it in my q80 account and from there I transferred it to my US account.  Or so I though.  I kept on checking my account and was wondering why there was no money in there … Then my friend logged on yesterday and thanked me for the money!! Seriously where was my mind when I did the transfer.  He then just deposited it into my account. 


Are the L’Oreal 7amam zaits better than the old fashioned ones they used to put in the salons before??


And McCain is NOT another Bush, he is not making fake promises that he will not be able to keep when he is in office.  I don’t have to agree with all his issues but I think he is good.  I don’t like Obama at all, I used to like him, then I realized that he is all talk, maybe it is because he is young and he has no history in politics we cannot know what the future will hold if he is president.  He cannot be too idealistic about the presidency, once he is in there, most of what he is saying during his campaign will not be done.  There is a lot of hidden agendas in politics, we all know that. 

This is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion.  I read their stances on the issues, and I must admit that although Obama says what I want to hear, I know taht most of the things cannot be done.  Therefore the candidate with the most logical plans is the one that I agree with.

That doesn’t reflect anything on me being a bad voter when it comes to the Kuwaiti elections.  I am going to vote for candidates who in the past have proven to really have the interest of Kuwait on the top of their agendas.  I know that there are 2 candidates that I am for sure going to vote for, nothing will change that.  They are in no way shape or form related to me, but they have done things that made me respect them greatly and I believe that they will make Kuwait a better place.  The other 2 votes I have, well I am still not sure who I am going to vote for.  I will need to wait and listen before I make my decision.


On a lighter note, I broke my nail sometime last week, it broke really short to the point where my thumb looked like my moms funny thumb .. It broke in levels so now my nail is growing in levels and it kkeeps on breaking .. crap ..


I am listening to my Ipod and a song by Mike Jones came on .. haha I remember once we were sitting in our living room in Mpls, Me, my friend and  my room mate .. So I just blurted out “Mike Jones” and my friend said “who” and I said again “Mike Jones”  and we repeated this a couple of times (like in his song) and all of a sudden my room mate screams out MIKE JONES GOD DAMN IT MIKE JONES, WHAT DIDNT YOU HEAR .. LOL!!!!!!!!!!


You guys know the show “Made” on MTV?  I always wanted to be Made into alot of different things, but if I had ONE choice I would want to learn how to dance .. Hip hop (hib a hob) style .. ya3ni krumping oo the stuff they do in You got Served oo stuff like taht .. WOOW I would do anything to dance like that .. All I can do is stupid dances .. like the robot .. and the “carleton” (from fresh prince) .. and what else

What would u guys want to be Made into???

Totally random .. but I love the Movie & soundtrack of .. “Now & Then”

Peace out!

Il tighebey.

After reading eshda3was post about her room mates pregnancy and the reason why ppl hide things in Kuwait, I heard something that just pisssed me off yesterday.

There are things that if kept quiet for a while, its fine.  Ya3ni if I was going to get engaged or married and it was just the first steps of it, I wouldnt want everyone to know yet.  I would tell my best friends though but thats it.  If I was pregnant same thing.  If i was going to open a business, I would wait until I was at the final stages of it then let ppl know, just incase at the begining talks fall through or something.

But if its something that is beneficial to ppl then WHY SHOULD YOU HIDE IT! Laish you guys want benefit only for you!?  The more good you give to ppl, the more God gives to you, thats my belief.  I am also a very strong believer in Karma, if you do good, the world will be good to u, and the other way around. 

Also why lie if the truth is going to come up later on?  La oo after you lie you have the “face” to come and pretend that all is fine?

Okay this didn’t happen to me, but it happened to someone I know …

Sara+Noora are extremly good friends. 
Sara tells Nooora to travel with her during the 25/26 holiday that we had.  Noora tells her “noo I can’t im traveling with family, I can’t ditch them, we’re going to blahblah town”

A week later Sara finds out she might have work in Blahblah town, and when she tells Noora, Noora replies “Ooh yeah, we might cancel the trip”

The vacation passes, and Sara has not heard from Noora in a while.  While Sara was out to dinner with other friends she see’s other girls that are part of their “Yoga” classes.

“Hala Sara, Where were you, why didn’t you come with us to the Yoga retreat during the Holiday! Noorah was there, we were up in the mountains it was amazing!! You really missed it!”

Sara: !?!?!??!???!?!??!

… Ya3ni allah ikhaleeekum shay yiswa ina itghaboona?  These ppl seriously I don’t know what goes on in their heads.

Some dance to remember, Others dance to forget

I love music so much.  I love to sing also, but I always wonder why God gave me the worst voice in the history of the world and a huge love for music?!

Last night on the way home with mirim we had the windows down and the music was loud and it was just amazing it just  made me so happy! So this morning I put my “easy listening” music on (ya3ni siij lool), like John Mayer, Norah Jones etc and had my sunroof open and the windows down and the music LOUD.  Right now I am smiling like an idiot but I don’t care … my co-workers already think I am weird ;p

My french calender says —- Tu as toute la vie devant toi – You have your whole life ahead of you.  I love French!! Now I have the French National Anthem in my head .. “allons enfants de la patrieee le jour de glorie est arrivee!!!!” LOoL we had to memorize it back when i was in grade 9 .. almost 9 years ago .. HOLY CRAP! Damn it when I think of it that way I realize I am not a kid!

—Who watched KTV1 last night at 11 PM??

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