So I decided to go ahead with booking a ticket to the states,  my mom told me if I wanted she would add to the amount I am paying and I can go on business, but then I told her if she was going to give me money, I don’t want to fly business I would rather use it to shop etc when I go there (inshala).

Now I don’t know which airlines to take … United, British, Emirates, KLM.  When I studied in the states I used to always fly KLM and a couple of times British.  I am not a huge fan of British Airways, their treatment wasn’t that great. 

The one that is looking like the best deal right now is United cuz it goes KWI-IAD then from IAD-LAX, but since I get bored really easily I really care about their inflight entertainment.  If anyone could tell me how good or bad it is I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! 🙂


I am Back!

I am back from Dubai.  Had a blast to say the least. I felt as if I didn’t have much time to DO much, but I did enough. 

I arrived Thursday morning, by the time I got to the hotel it was about noon, Tooomz met me at the hotel, and we waited for my mom to finish her meeting and meet us back at the hotel.  We were checking out from Fairmont (or my mom was) and moving closer to Jumairah.  My mom came and picked us up, and with her friend we headed to lunch at the Noodle place in Emirates Towers, really good food.

After that Tooomz and I headed over to the Mall of the Emirates to shop around.  Everything was on sale which SUCKED, couldn’t find a thing to buy.  My feet started to kill me, so we headed over and got Marble Slab icecream .. mmmm i forgot how much I love icecream!!!   We then went and got tickets to watch “27 Dresses”, it was a fabolous movie.  I thought it would be too chick flicky for me, but it was just perfect.  James Marsden, WILL YOU MARRY ME?! Damn hes FINE.  By the time the movie finished, it was midnight, and I was falling asleep while I was walking. Headed back to the hotel and passed out.

Next morning I tried to get my mom to take me to Burjuman, cuz I wanted her to get me this necklace from a store there, but she made me go to Mall of the Emirates again BOOHOO 😛  Walk around some more hoping to find ANYTHING to buy since I was rejuvenated after a good nights sleep.  Couldn’t find much, got 2 dresses.  I found really hot shoes, the smallest size they make is 36 😥 

After my mom hinted for the 100th time that she wanted to go see Bab Al Shams resort, we finally relented and said okay we’ll go with her.  So mommy dearest, tooomz and I took the almost hour drive to Bab Al Shams Resort hotel.  Its amazing, not a place I would stay for a long period of time cuz it is int he middle of the dessert.  But for a person who wants to relax, its the perfect place.  We sat in one of the restaurants, up on the rooftop had some food and stuff.   It was fun.  That night I watched “The Kite Runner” with my mother.  She couldn’t stop crying in the movie, aaw 7abeebti ;* hehe

Saturday, went to brunch with a friend and his friends, very interesting bunch. Then I met up with an old friend with the Sharjah days.  Actually he was my closest friend during my stay in Sharjah.  I haven’t hung out with him since then, but I have seen him twice or three times for 5 minutes each since I left AUS.  I always knew that I missed him, but i never realized how much.  I was waiting for him and I saw him approach from his reflection, and it hit me how i missed those days!  Whatever enough with the sappiness.

We went out to early dinner.  We were hanging out after dinner, and a group of ppl sit in the table next to us.  I hear two names being repeated that were very familiar to me, so i turn to my friend and I told him, I KNOW THOSE GIRLS.  So he turns towards them and asks them if they are Flana oo Flana and they said YES, so I was like did you guys go to this school for elementry school in kuwait and they said YES.  So i’m like I am FLANA, and the reunion began 😛  I have not seen those girls in 13 years.  We have not been intouch for 13 years, and it was just such a weird coincidance that we were at the same place at the same time. What is even weirder that I was asking my mother if she remembered them just the day before!!!!

I came back to Kuwait on Sunday, I had to be here to celebrate National and Liberation Day.

Ooh yeah, the first store I stopped in was Virgin, and I went straight to the book area.  I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, I couldn’t stop! lol SO right now I have a bunch of books that are waiting for be read….

  1. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order – Samual Huntington
  2. Fashion Babylon – Imogen Edwards-Jones (I read the Air Babylon and Hotel Babylon)
  3. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. If I am Missing or Dead – Janine Latus
  5. Confessions of  a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon
  6. We Need to Talk About Kevin – Lionel Shriver
  7. Daughter of the East Benazir Bhutto’s Autobiography
  8. One Hunderd Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  9. LOng Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela
  10. The Reagan Diaries
  11. For One More Day – Mitch Albom
  12. Suite Francaise – Irene Nemirovsky

Some questions! :)

My dear blogger friends,

Have any of you been to the following areas :

  • Portsmouth, UK
  • Morgins, Switzerland
  • Champery (Portes Du Soleil) – Switzerland
  • Innsbruck – Austria

If yes to any of the above please recommend hotels etc.   Also more information about each area, esp Portsmouth would be greatly appreciated.


Now for car fanatics and to guys…..

My car radio can only go to odd # stations, I really want to listen to 88.8 but all I can get is 88.7 and 88.9.  I didn’t buy my car here, I shipped it with me after I graduated.  So its been a while like that and I don’t know why I didn’t care much before.  But if anyone has ANY clue how I can change that, please let me know.  

Ashkurkum Jazeeel Al-Shukor 😛

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I was looking through old minneapolis pics, I felt my heart breaking from how much I missed it!

Downtown Minneapolis at night (taken from the Washington Ave bridge on campus)


First snow angel


East Bank U of M by Dinkytown


On my way home from class


My campus


The view from our building.  Its all white now, when its spring/summer all you can see is never ending green! BEAUTIFUL


A friends house.


 The same friends house.


 Good bye MinniApple!!!


Cairo Photos!

Some pictures of my Cairo trip.  My camera is broke, so I took all these photos using my Sony Ericsson W880i (IN GOLD!) 😉 

The hotel we stayed at 


The flower arrangement in the lobby, I fell in love with it


View of the nile from the room


Khan il khaleeeli



Alfishawey Cafe


 7amam from Fara7at


ba3d ma nakol il 7amaam binro7 nor2os, aywa ya gadaaa3 ;p


Omar Al Sharif et moi, my clothes are SO not flattering!!

(I look like a frumpy old grandma with ugly eyebrows, i look huge)

(but I still like the sweater :p)


Mini dumbiks! (ihdaaa2 2 NUNU ;*)


 Am I the only pervert?? 😛


 Fawaneees! I used to be so in love with them as a child! I still am.  I found a lot of cute light fixtures there.


Bonne Nuit!!!


My Weekend in Cairo

My trip to Cairo was interesting to say the least. 

Our flight was supposed to leave on Wednesday at 2 PM,  it was delayed for an hour and a half.  I started to freak out at first when it was delayed because I didn’t really know if I will have enough time to get ready for the wedding.  By the time we arrived, got our luggage and made it to the hotel all I wanted to do was PASS OUT, I have been up since 6 AM oo it was all rush rush rush.  I go to my mom and she tells me that I need to shower and go get my hair and make up done ASAP.  I showered like I was “Flash” and ran down to get my hair done. 

I was very cranky and demanding, but the guy did my hair pretty nicely.  I didn’t go over the top, I got a small chignon with straight hair and some volume.  Then I went and got my make up done.  I’m VERY picky when it comes to make up, I don’t like too much, too much foundation will make me very angry, I dont like the change my skin tone, I don’t like to look “different”.  I told the make up lady my rules, and prayed to God that it turns out well because I don’t have time. 

Thank GOD I liked what she did, I actually really loved what she did.  I went changed quickly and my mom was calling me every 3 minutes telling me to come down because the hall was filling up.  I finally made it down stairs and I loved the place it was done so so so nicely!

An hour or so after I came done, the groom enters, then a couple of minutes later the Bride enters and the Zaffa started.  They’re both extremly good looking.  It was the cutest Zaffa ever!! Then they had their first slow dance, I had the song stuck in my head the next two days and now I can’t remember it. 
Dinner was served, people mingled and talked for a couple of hours.

At around 1:30 AM Amr Diab started playing.  That was amazing!  I’m not a huge fan of Amr Diab himself but I really like his songs.  It was SOOO much fun,  my feet were killing me by the time he finished playing.  He only stayed about an hour and a half.  Then a DJ started.  I didn’t leave the wedding until around 5:30 AM, and by the time I fell asleep I had been awake for 24 hours!!

The next morning I was awakened by my mothers 2 friends (I was with them in the room).  They woke up at 10:30, I wanted to cry, but I got out of bed. showered and changed, then went down to breakfast.  I had foul iskandarany for breakfast! ;p  After we were done they went down and sat in the lobby and I went and checked out the mall thats connected to the hotel.  Its more of a department store actually.  I FOUND a bag that I want, its RED from Miu Miu.  I didn’t buy it, but I know I want it :p 

My mother wanted to show her 2 friends around Cairo so we got into the car and drove around.  It was SO za7ma oo ana daykha oo i got the worst headache ever, after 3 hours of being in the car (we just left for a couple of minutes to walk around Al-Azhar Gardens) we went back to pick up another one of my mothers friends and we headed to “Abo il Seed” for lunch/dinner. 

By the time we got back to the hotel it was around 7 or 8 at night and I was feeling exahusted.  We walked down the street to the hotel that was next to us, which also had a mall (ya3ni sij ;p), they went to see a store and i was trying as hard as possible to stay awake.  We finally get back to the hotel and we were standing in the lobby, they were discussing what they wanted to do next.  My mother kept on telling me my face is yellow and pale and i kept on telling her i’m fine.  They stayed about 15 minutes discussing what they wanted to do next, and I was getting more tired by the minute.  Finally my legs gave out from under me oo i fainted LOL.   I think that was a final call for me to go to bed.

I slept about 12 hours, the next morning I felt more refreshed, went had breakfast then headed to Khan il Khaleeli with one of my mothers friends.  We stayed there for about 5 hours.  Bought a bunch of stuff, took some random pictures with my phone camera.  Sat in the “Alfeshawy” cafe and got hit on by a bunch of sellers.
One guy asked me where I was from so I said the USA he believed me for a while until I told him I was from Kuwait then he said “Enty mush min amairka wala min il kuwait entyy min il 2amaaar” LOOOOOL 3ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

Went back to the hotel found the rest in the lobby, and decided to go have dinner, went to “Farahat” to have 7amaam.  But before we left we saw Omar Al-Sharif in the lobby so I took a picture with him.  After dinner we had some stuff to finish up and then headed home and I fell asleep :p

Then I came back to kuwait bil salama 😉

Ma9r Om il Donya

I’m going to Cairo today to attend a family friends wedding.  I haven’t been to Cairo in about 7-8 years.  Thats a LONG time.

I was really excited for the wedding, I still am. The only problem is, its 2nite, which means I get off the plane and have to start getting ready and all that jazz.  I’ll try to nap on the plane but I highly doubt that will happen.  Then Thurs+Fri are going to be filled with 3azayem i’m pretty sure of it.  Especially since I will be with my mother and her friends so we have to go visit everyone she knows there.

I want to have 7amaaaaaaam for lunch and foul and 6a3meya for breakfast LOOL!!!!

Again, I over packed, but CRAP I FORGOT PAJAMAS!! UH OH LOL!!!! I just realized I forgot to put pajamas!! damn it, and trying to get my maid to understand me will be so annoying.  I’ll get from debenhams at the airport, they got pj’s there right??

I’m not taking my laptop, so I really won’t have access to the net, 7ad 3awez 7aga min ma9r?? 😉