Friday Night Lights

Addicted, obsessed, in love.

This show is amazing.  I love it. Sometimes I forget they are in High School.  Just finished season 1.  Waiting for season 2 to be given to me.

Its about a high school football team which is based in small town Dillon, Texas.  The good thing about this show is that it not only talks about football, but it shows you different aspects and problems that families face.  Some that we could relate to.

Although it took me a couple of episodes to be interested in the show, it really really became an addiction. 

I am in love with Coach Taylor!!!


The Hills

The Hills is an MTV reality show based on the lives of four girls, Lauren, Audrina, Whitney and Heidi.  It all started as a spin off of Laguna Beach (of which Lauren took part of), when Lauren moved to LA to start school.  There are other characters that appear ont he show, such as Spencer (gross), Jason, Lo, and Brody.

My favorite out of all of them is Lauren, she has just a little drama in her life to make it interesting, and she has an amazing sense of style.  I also really like Whitney, I feel that she is the most mature out of all of them.  She is also very tall, which is nice ;p  The third girl is Audrina, I feel very neutral about her.  She became Laurens room mate after Heidi moved out.

Now on to the Queen B*****, Heidi.  I cannot stand her, she is the ultimate poison friend.  She would ditch you in a heart beat for a guy, and not think she is doing anything wrong.  Through the course of the three seasons, she has lost Lauren (who was her BFF in LA), and Audrina, and she drifted away from her friend Jen. 

She’s dating Spencer, who totally gives me the hebejeebes.  He’s one of those dominating males that alienated her (with her own doing also) from her friends.  She has NO ONE but him now, and I think he likes it.

This is a very short summary of what is going on in The Hills.  Seasons 1 and 2 are done, and there are already 8 drama filled eposides of season 3.  Hallelujah!