The Baby Shower

At the end of May, we (my friends and I) threw a baby shower for our friend K.  I offered to have it at my house because I love planning parties and playing host, as much stress as it causes me, I just LOVE IT.  I stayed for a couple of days thinking of a theme for the baby shower, and finally it came to me, HAWAIIAN THEME!  Okay I don’t want to say her wedding was “hawaiian” themed, but her flowers were colorful and the koosha was different than the typical white flower or pink flower ones, so I kind of made my baby shower to match in a way.

It was only close friends and family, and seriously I had a blast having everyone over.

Everyone who entered wrote a little note, and it was hung up like little baby clothes, you could either write a note for the baby or for the mother 🙂

Also everyone who came in got a hawaiian lei to wear around their necks, by the end of the party most of us had it around our heads :p

This is when you first entered, before anyone wrote a note, well actually there is one note written and it was from me ;p

The cake, which was so adorable was from Little Treats.

Ofcourse it wasn’t all just sitting talking and eating, we played games to make it more fun.  There were two games that I made them play.  The first game, people had to get into pairs, one person is the mother while the other is the baby, and the “mother” had to put diapers on the baby, and the baby had to crawl til the end of the hallway and back and the first person to do that got a prize (a massage voucher from Spa Time).  When we were shopping for stuff for the baby shower, Mirim and I found adult diapers in the Diaso store in Soog El Salmiya.  the next game was also the same “mother” and “child” and the Mother had to feed the child from the bottle :p  The first baby to finish the bottle was the winner and they also received a voucher from spa time.  Then for those who didn’t win, there was a raffle (everyone who entered wrote their names down) and we made my little cousin pick a name out and the winner got the third massage voucher.



I just came back from a wonderful trip 2 sharm el sheikh with a hilarious group of my friends.

A blog post with the good, the bad and the ugly with pictures will be coming soon.

Egyptians are probably the funniest people in the world.

Waka Waka Not

As much as I am in love with Shakiras Waka Waka song, and it really makes me wanna just get up and dance, I still love this song

I just thought I’d give all of you a blast from the past.

And seriously Portugal, 7-0!!! WOW, I root for Brasil and we are playing them in a couple of days and allah yaster especially since Kaka got a red card 😦 My friend Nwair roots for Portugal, so if we watch the game together akhaf e9eer 6aag :p

I would also like you all to meet my world cup crush, Mr. Carlos Manuel Bocanegra captain of the USA team, he is one fine man.

Wain Seeda!!!

Since my Arabic writing skills are horrible, I will stick to English. Hey, at least I tried right? LOL

Anyways, this story kills me, every time I remember it I giggle to my self, sometimes out loud, which makes people around me reassert the fact that I am in fact a little weird LOL.

Anyways, it was in a time far far away, I was around 10 or so back then I think, so thats about 15 years ago (CRAP!), it was summer vacation and my family and I were in Lugano, Switzerland, where we met up with my Uncle (3ami) oo his family.  One of the days we took a short road trip across the border to Milan for shopping purposes, and back then I really did not give a rats ass about shopping so I was just there cuz I had to be there.

I still remember my cousins and their mom and my mom going from shop to shop and I was following them around just because, and at one point I got so hungry I sat on the floor of one of the stores and cried from hunger (yes I know I was di3la). But in my defense I was telling them I was hungry for a while, and they weren’t listening to me.

Anyways, on the way back to Lugano I ended up in the car with my uncle, his wife, my younger bro and my younger cousin.

My cousin that was with us in the car was addicted to french fries, it was a serious love story with his potatoes, no one could touch them, ever.

It was raining, and he wanted bo6a6, so we went through the McDo drive through to get him some fries, and of course we had to have some also.  As we were leaving the drive through, you could either turn or go straight, and my uncles wife was reading the map and telling him “Roo7 seeda roo7 seeda”, and he turns around and says “Shino seeda! wain seeda!!!”

6ab3an e7na the7ik and we couldn’t stop repeating it “wain seeda” and we had to tell the story to everyone and their mothers, and to this day I tell this story.

Yeah so I always realize the story is funnier when orated rather than typed, not so fond of telling stories this way.


There was a fire about 30 mins ago in the Sawaber area. It was around 1:30 PM, I was in the office when I heard the sound of sirens, when I looked out I saw a lot of fire trucks. My coworker just told me that it was an apartment that was on fire, the new building was blocking my view.

المسافر راااااح

إبصرحة أنا قايلة حق بنت عمي اني بكتب لها بوست بالعربي بس يعني أنا أتكلم بالكويتي و كله بدليات هل دور تبيني اطبع بالعربي.  أنا متأكدة إن اب ياخذني قرن و نص عشان بس أدور هل أحرف.

المهم، أنا متعودة كل جمعة أروح اتغدى اب بيت عمي، يعني هذي يمعة أهلي … هذا إذا ما كنت رايحة الشاليه.

أنيويز هل بوست بتكلم عن الحبربش إلي عندنا. يعني على كثر ما أتحلطم انهم مزعجين و ما يحترموني، أحبهم وايد. حدة أي أم ساد انهم سافرو … يعني الحين البرنسس بيبي نونو راح تنساني، بروح إتصيح لا شلتها لازم أحطها على راسي عشان تسكت. و الحبيب ذي غد فاذر (the god father) راح يكبر أو إتغير ملامحة، و انشالله ينطق بس راح إيطوفني.  بس إلي صج اتمناه إن بوكرشه ينسى ليش ما احبني … هذا الولد بالذات بدعت فيه، ماكو يوم ما أي هيت أو بنش هم.  شسوي أنا ويد شرسة مع اليهال (and he is so inviting to be pinched and squeezed)  ماشأالله عليه

ذيس إز ماي واي أف سينغ “والهانة عليكم كلكم “


تعبت إبصرحة، يعني الحمدلله و الشكر مادري شلون ماعرف عربي عدل. لحد إعيب لأنا بنت عمي عيبت علي و بنتها اطلعت خرطي مثلي.


شدعوة درجة الحرارة خمسين، و أنا مدري شنو نزل على جسمي هل سنة إلي بس أطلع بره كل جسمي فيه حساسية. شدعوة، أول مرة يستوعب جونا. مو صج.

والله شني إستانست على العربي.


بنات عمي ماخذين علي نظرة اني ما أكل، بس أشم الأكل …. أوكي أدري اني ضعفت مليون كيلو بس والله أكل، بس مو ويد.  أنا الحين إبخاطري مرقوقه من بيت يدتي، مع معبوش حار، و هم ابي هريسة من بيت يدتي.


أوكي أخر شي بتكلم عنه أهوى فوشون …. أول مرة أروحلة أمس مع بنات عمتي و بنت عمي، كنت يوعانه بس مادري شنو ابي أكل، ف بلمنيو شفت إنة عندهم جاينت مشروم، يوم يبولي الطلب تعجبت إن المشروم كلش ما شاف ويه الجينت. سليحط.


بس تعبت …. يعطيني ألف عافية على مجهودي.

هاذي لغنيه إهداء حق بنات عمي…

eb9ara7a dawart ghneyat a9eel “ahlan bishoofik 7abeebi” ya3ni hathi a7la thekrayat Spain ayam el feriya malat Malaga, bas ma legait’ha on youtube.

Sam7oooni 3ala badliyati :p

The Sultani Crown Tag

Okay okay so I have been tagged by my sweet blogger friend Danderma


قوانين التاج السلطاني

اذكر اسم من طلب منك حل هذا الواجب

تحدث عن ستة أسرار قد لا يكتشفها من يقابلك للمرة الأولى

حول هذا الواجب إلى ستة مدونين، واذكر أسماءهم مع روابط مدوناتهم في موضوعك

اترك تعليقا في مدونة من حولت الواجب إليهم، ليعلموا عن هذا الواجب

Okay so six secrets that when people first meet me will not know about me….

1. Believe it or not I AM SHY! ya3ni I am probably having a social anxiety attack from the inside but I am trying to play it cool on my exterior.

2. I LOVE FOOD and everything that has to do with food.  I love eating GOOD food and cooking.

3. I want to be a chef :p

4. Aby a3eesh bamreeka bas 3ashan jam3iyat’hum 3ajeeba oo their farmers markets <3, and also I want london for their Saturday food markets eli eb Sloane Square and Covent Garden  (SEE i love food :P), oo also ameel 7ag amreeka akthar liana their Cienmas are amazing, up to date, and their popcorn shay khayal.

5. My shortness/petiteness is not an issue to me, people notice it/care about it/talk about it more than me!

6. referring to point 1 about my shyness, I am NOT mayga, and I am actually very nice, I just have walls and stuff up.  So once you get through those walls I will be fine :p

Okay So now I have to TAG 6 people, umbaih min ziman mu garya blogs oo most of my old blogging friends stopped blogging. hmm I will tag 3 people shraykum, Swair, Jaqui and Eshda3wa.

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