College memories

I was watching Stomp the Yard today and it brought back a bunch of college memories.  When I was a junior in college I decieded to join a sorority, to get the whole “american college experience” so I rushed, I got a bid, pledged and got initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta.  It was a white sorority so it had nothing to do with stomping or anything, but seriously the days I was in Theta were interesting.  Of course not only did we take part in home coming AND spring jam, the Greeks (frats and sororities) were the heart of both festivities.  We did cheer, dance, frisbee, football etc.  The home coming parade was my favorite and getting the house fronts ready.  I remember frantically working on the house front for home coming of 2004.  I dont want to say the whole sisterhood thing was bullshit, because my sorority sister is the one who came to visit from the states.  I still remember seeing stepping for the first time at the homecoming parade when the black frats were stepping. I was so into it I wanted to drop my sorority and join a black sorority lol.
I had a couple of african american friends who used to make SO much fun of black frats then all of a sudden a new one was brought into our campus and they were part of it.  There were three black frats at our campus, the Alphas, the Ques and the Kappas. 
Stomp the yard seriously reminded me of sitting on campus and seeing them stepping during random events our school held, and going to a black frat party and all you would see is one frat stepping then the other one joining in, then the black sororities would do the same.  They all had their own calls, for example just like in the movie Stomp the Yard the Thetas would hiss like snakes and the Mu’s would howl cuz they were the wolves, the Que’s would BARK and they would do it loud (and scary).  Aaah the good old days.  I’ll try to find pictures of the housefronts, which we used to make out of crepe paper on wiring and at first i though how the hell is this gonna turn out, but by the end it turned out AMAZING. 
Everyone used to make fun of me that I was in a sorority, but seriously I met some amazing people, even though I lost touch with some of them, they still made a difference in my life.  WHen I would walk into class I’d see a girl or a guy wearing greek letters sitting next to me, and it would be a conversation starter for example if it was a girl i’d be like “Oh your a DG? I’m a theta, we’re neighbors” bla bla bla then we start talking and thats how being in a sorority made our HUGE campus seem smaller (I know that sounds corny but it did)!!!


10 days in the life of kuwaits shortest tour guide ;p

So the past 10 days were interesting to say the least.  My friend arrived last Thursday night, and I went to pick her up from the airport with my mother.  I think we waited for about an hour before my mom realized that we could get someone to meet her at the door, then my mom went and did the “hala
kuwait” thing, and within 15 minutes my friend was out of the door.  She said the line to get a visa entry to kuwait was SO long that she probably had another 1/2 hour to wait.
We got home at around 1 or something, me and her chilled a little then she went to bed.  The next day I took her out to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, then I went and introduced her to my dad’s side of the family.  She saw the kids that I absoloutly adore.  At night I took her to a housewarming/birthday gathering that my friend was throwing, and we chilled there for a while.  Oh yes and I also took her to chocolate bar ;p
I don’t remember exactly what happened on Saturday, I took her to different places, but I did take her to Bayt Lothan.  Then on Sunday we went to
Bahrain for the day, we left at 7 AM and arrived in
Bahrain at 8 AM.  My friend picked us up from the airport and drove us around all over their small country.  Then we arrived back in
Kuwait at 5.  When we arrived in
Kuwait we waited about ½ an hour for the line to move for visa’s (since both her and my other friend are American citizens), and I saw the number was not changing.  At that point I was SO SO SO tiered all I wanted was to shower and I can see one of the guys at the counter looking at us and just smiling.  So I go up to him and ask him how long the wait is, and he tells us that it depends on our number.  Then I show him that I have a Kuwaiti passport, then he tells the guy next to him “Finish their paperwork now, there is a Kuwaiti with them”.  Of course I was relieved that we did not have to wait hours, but it pissed me off that I had to show him I was Kuwaiti for him to let our procedure go faster!!!
Anyways so back to
Kuwait again.  I took her to The Avenues, Marina Mall and Marina Crescent, Soog il Mbarikiya, Bait Dickson, Kuwait National Museum, Maki ;p, took her on a boat ride.  I also showed her gezz gulf street and 2nd ring road LOL.
Then on the one weekend she was here we took her to the shalaih.  And from there we took her to Kout and had dinner by the fountains.  Of course we swam in the beach, jet skiing and all that, and then at night we took her crab catching “itgamber”, actually 2 of the girls went  with her and the rest of us did not.  At night we swam in the pool, had the music blasting, it was such a great time. 
She just left, I am so sad, It was so much fun with her.  She said she had a great time and she loved
Kuwait, she said it was so chilled, laid back and relaxed.  So inshala she’ll come back soon.  Or maybe I’ll go visit them soon 😉

Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

I was at home today, couldnt go out because of the weather, so I turned the TV on and “Shall We Dance” was on Showtime, so I ended up watching it.  That put me in the mood of watching one of my favorite cheesy movies … Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.  Everyone I know hates it and thinks it is a cheesy movie that did not need to be made.  I think otherwise, sometimes I need to watch a movie that makes me feel all happy and lovey dovey from inside, and having a good soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. 
I wanna learn how to dance like that, I want to the the queen of the Rosa Negra, I want to go to Cuba and fall in love! Thats why I like cheesy movies, because for at least 90 minutes I’m living my dreams through the scenes I see on the TV, I get to travel through time, and I get to fall head over heels in love (lame I know), but hey at least I dont get heartbroken ;p
And on top of everything Diego Luna is a cutie (hes not HOT) and his name in the movie is my favorite hispanic mens name, Javier.  For some odd reason I REALLY like the name Javier … JAVYYYYYYYYY!!!! heheh


Its my cousins kids 5th birthday, so I went to Fantasy World to buy her a present … since I had no clue what to buy her, I called her mom and asked her what her daughter likes.   She told me any disney cartoon character, she likes sleeping beauty and snow white, and she also like hathooool bratz …. I’ve heard about Bratz alot from my other cousins kids who are around the same age and a couple of years older, but I have never seen them before …. So I was looking around fantasy world and I couldnt find any nice disney things to buy, so I started looking at the bratz dolls and I was shocked … I think they look like SLUTS seriously! with their extra mini skirts and their scary make up and their flashy clothes, they really looked like sluts and I couldnt believe they sold those to KIDS!!!!!!  Okay I know we played with barbies and all that, bas barbie looked nothing like that! At least her make up was less flashy!!!! What ever happened to polly pockets, care bears, my little pony, and all those other toys we used to play with!!! I ended up getting her clothes and accessories that she probably would like and would use even more.

My favorite cookies in kuwait

Okay, so I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and chocolate, at times, disgusts me.  But sometimes I crave really really really goood cookies and brownies, and there is one place that makes them so good they make me wanna jump around and do a little dance … (i’m exaggerating a litte okay :P)
Anyways the cafe is called Almultaqa in Bait Lothan.  Although I have never really been to that cafe, I have tasted their brownies, and their cookies and they are heavenly.  THeir white chocolate macademia cookies are my favorite (they’re my fave anyways) and the only other place that tops their cookies is probably the bakery in Westwood next to the UCLA campus.
Anyways what made me right this entry is because the person who makes the brownies and cookies brought some over to my house today cuz she found out that I did the epi lazik (and also she was told I like them ;p), and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Seriously those cookies made my day! (thank youuuuu)

Daaamn we’re gettin old

I think it was thursday or friday morning, and I was in my room, in total darkness when i got the msg … Of course I start cursing who ever sent me the message .. dont they know I can barely see!! So I crack open one of my eyes and try to read the message … all I could get was “pregnant” I didnt know if it was “i AM pregnant” or “im nt pregnant” so i decided to call
My friend answers the phone giggling, and I still didn’t know what that meant! Finally I got it out of her, she’s 4 weeks pregnant … I cant say I was in shock, I saw it coming … But I knew her husband was in shock :p
Of course I congratulated her and everything then laughed at her about being pregnant too fast ..
Then I started thinking that I am not as young as I like to think I am.  Okay I know I am only 22, but CRAP times passes so so so fast, high school, which seems like yesterday, was 5 years ago, or at least graduation was 5 years ago.  I graduated college exactly a year ago!
The fours years of college passed by so fast without me even knowing whats going on …
I wish I could pause some moments or relive other moments.

I can see clearly now .. Kind of

Well after four agonizing days of me not being able to see … I CAN FINALLY SEE (kind of(! Okay so I will go into as much detail as I possibly could about my epi lazik ordeal … what I remember of it at least … Im doing this because I’m really bored cuz I have nothing better to do .. ;p

I left work early on Wednesday and my friend picked me up a bit before the time of my surgery … since we were kind of early we went to get her food then we went to boushihri clinic .. We waited a little bit in the waiting room then Dr Amals nurse came out and put some drops in my eyes, then I was called into the room.  I was kind of nervous but I was trying to seem REALLY cool about it … So the doctor explains the procedure again and tells me that I have to be as still as a board for this .. so im like okay chirp keep this in mind “STILL AS A FREAKIN BOARD”

He tells me to lay down on the bed and then he covers one eye with gauze and tells me exactly what is going to happen … So I look at the green light that’s flashing then all of a sudden I see NOTHING but blackness and I kind of freak out but Im staying a little calm … I hear this noise and feel something moving across my eyes and then I see the green light again with all these red dots around it .. It felt SO trippy! Anyways … he tells me he is going to start the laser and I hear the noise and I smell something burning, and at this point Im think “What did I get my self into .. REALLY” Anyways he finishes one eye and goes to the next, and we are finally done with both eyes and the whole procedure was finished after about 20 minutes …
He takes me back to his office and tests my eyes out with the letters and those damn “E’s” and tells me that I will be fine, and that there will be some pain, but not a lot. So I feel fine …. I go home 2 of my friends come over and we order food etc, I felt fine … I was fine until 4 AM when the pain woke me up…I felt as if my eyes were ON FIRE … I was  in so much pain I couldn’t handle it .. He gave me these topical anesthetics that I am only to use in dire situations and I thought this HAS to be a dire situation, so I go wake my mom up because I couldn’t even drop them in my eyes.  For the next two days the pain was unbearable, I was on brufen (I think that’s how it’s spelled) and Tylenol all through Thursday and Friday …. And Saturday too actually.  Thursday was my friends birthday, and I was really excited about it and kind of planned a whole dinner for her close friends, and I ended up being the party pooper because I couldn’t keep my eyes open at all, I was in so much pain that I had to leave ..

Its Sunday afternoon right now … I still cant really see clearly, everything looks like its underwater blurry thing but I think its getting MUCH better then a couple of days ago .. il7imdila!

The doctor just removed the lenses he  put on to help with the healing process … so inshala within the next couple of days my vision will get better … excuse any spelling mistakes in this entry I am writing while my vision is still kind of blurry .. J

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